Monday, 13 July 2015

Mouthwashes – what type for what problem?

Many people use mouthwashes, but not all mouthwashes are the same.  Many people use them primarily as a breath freshener but each mouthwash has a different benefit.
The mouthwashes below are all stocked at Mapplewell Dental Centre and are currently offered at a 10% discount.  A brief explanation of each one is provided below to help our customers select the right one for them :

Corsodyl is a commonly used mouthwash.  There are two types commonly used.
The original Corsodyl (right) is used to treat active gum disease, acute infections and thrush infections under dentures.  It is NOT a breath freshener!  Also it should not be used for more than two weeks as it stains and can cause taste disturbances.  IN SUMMARY, USE THIS IF YOU HAVE ACUTE GUM INFECTIONS
Corsodyl Daily is fine to use on a daily basis as the name suggests.  It works as a general purpose mouthwash, contains Fluoride to help strengthen teeth and helps to prevent gum disease. IN SUMMARY, USE THIS IF YOU HAVE PERSISTENT GUM DISEASE

Colgate Fluorigard daily mouth rinse, is an excellent mouthwash if the main requirement is to fight tooth decay.  It also has a lovely taste!  It does help to fight the formation of plaque acids but isn’t really much use against gum disease.  It is alcohol free so is beneficial for under 18’s and patients with sensitive mouths.  IN SUMMARY, USE THIS IF YOU SEEM TO NEED SEVERAL FILLINGS AND WANT A NICE TASTE!
Aquafresh My Big Teeth mouthwash has a reduced fluoride content so is safe for childrens use.  It tastes lovely too!  SUMMARY , USE IF YOU ARE A CHILD TO HELP TO FIGHT TOOTH DECAY!

Our final two mouthwashes are Sensodyne Pronamel and Biotene.  Both have very specific purposes.
Pronamel is designed to help remineralise enamel.  It is alcohol free too.  IN SUMMARY – USE IF YOU HAVE EROSION OF THE TEETH OR SENSITIVE TEETH
Biotene is a very effective mouthwash to aid with dry mouth symptoms.  Many patients suffer with dry mouth.  It is often linked to certain prescription medication such as certain anti-depressants and blood pressure tablets.  SUMMARY – USE IF YOU HAVE A DRY MOUTH.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Gentlemen – why your oral hygiene maybe more important than you first thought!

Did you know that a link between poor gum health and erectile dysfunction was first recognised in 2009?  

Although not totally statistically significant, in a study of 70 men with erectile dysfunction, 80% of the patients suffering with severe ED exhibited significant levels of gum disease.
Recent studies using significantly more men seem to confirm this link.

So gentlemen – book your hygienist appointment tomorrow!


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