Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Does snoring drive a wedge into your relationship?

Do you snore or does your partner snore?

If the answer is yes, help may be at hand at the Mapplewell Dental Centre.
One of our dentists, John Rawlinson has developed a special interest in removing this potentially debilitating problem. For a £50 consultation fee, John will assess you and complete a pre-treatment questionnaire, and assess whether a mandibular advancement appliance may be of benefit.
Basic Tips to reduce snoring include:
a) Try to sleep on your side if possible, rather than on your back
b) Avoid caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals in the 2 hours before bed.
c) Consider steps towards weight loss if overweight.
If after the assessment session it is felt that an appliance would help, they are available at the practice and can be made for £340.

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