Friday, 16 September 2011

Why Mouthguards are so important

Q.  Do you know how many teeth are knocked out each year due to sports related injuries?
A. Over three million!
If your child plays any form of contact sport, rides a horse or a mountain bike, a professionally made mouthguard can reduce the risk of dental injury significantly. At the Mapplewell Dental Centre our custom made mouth guards cost between £52 and £65 and are a perfect fit.

What should you do if your child’s tooth is knocked out?

Whenever possible try to get to your dentist within 30 minutes.
Do not touch the root of the tooth as it is easily damaged, rinse the tooth in milk if it is dirty and if unable to replace it back in its socket, put it in a glass of milk to feed the tooth nutrients.
Try to avoid this if possible!


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